Highland Friendship Club"Highland Friendship Club is grateful to be working with the Databank because whenever there is a problem- big or small- they are right there to help. Our work has never been delayed because the Databank team is so quick to respond!" - Ashley Skelly, Highland Friendship Club
Ramsey County"It has been a wonderful experience working with this team of professionals. Their customer service help desk is on the spot. They always respond to issues and concerns in the most efficient and timely manner. They make sure we are getting what we need!" - Vera Johnson, Ramsey County Workforce Solutions
TIRRC"With other database systems, they present you with a "one size fits all" program with no customization options. With the Databank we are able to add, remove, customize, etc. It grows with you." - Rebecca Hall, Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition
MnACTE"Our Databank has revolutionized the ability of MnACTE to communicate with our members across the state. We now get news out to the people who need it, and we receive vital reactions and data back, all in one seamless, efficient system." - Bob Utke, MnACTE
The American Academy of Pediatrics "I will keep in touch and will definitely continue to recommend the Databank...it's the only database software that has never made me cry!" - Shannon Hornsby, TN Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics

WI lakes"With the Databank, I really feel I am working with a company that wants my organization to succeed at its mission, not just to sell me as much software as it can get me to buy." - Michael Engleson, Wisconsin Lakes
food first"The best thing about working with thedatabank is how quickly your staff offers a solution to a problem. I know you are frequently voted best MN  small business to work at. This is certainly reflected in the helpfulness of your staff. I always recommend thedatabank when I get inquiries about databases. In my long career, I have used four computer systems and this is the best." - Marilyn Borchardt, Food First
Iowa Environmental Council"You need to know that in my opinion, the Council’s move from multiple separate systems to your unified backend has - more or less - revolutionized our business processes. From my point of view as communications director, that is not an understatement. Thank you for all the hard work you do to provide a great product." - Matt Hauge, Iowa Environmental Council
High Tech kids"The Databank has given HTK the capacity to grow and handle our growth with less employees, less budget strain. It has provided a non-profit that started out small and very grass-roots to grow into something more professional. Thank you!" - Cheryl Moeller, High Tech Kids
ATTC"Your service and support have been exemplary, and we are completely satisfied with the service from thedatabank. You are awesome people to work with". - Steven Streib, ATTC National Office
ignatius"We are very happy with thedatabank so much that we have encouraged other Jesuit Retreat Centers to use it." - Sharon Machek, Ignatius House Jesuit Retreat Center
Conservation Alabama"A strong, comprehensive database is at the core of any successful organization, campaign, or business. You need data on your supporters, and you need a way to easily access that data and keep it up-to-date." - Adam Snyder, Conservation Alabama
Interfaith action"thedatabank's product has greatly enhanced the Council’s capacity to serve its stakeholders. I hope this organization will continue to learn new ways to use thedatabank to help it become more productive." - Grant Abbott, former Executive Director of St. Paul Area Council of Churches
Washington Council ALF-CIO"We love the Databank and are more than thrilled to work with such an attentive and capable team. You guys rock!" - Adam Wright, Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO
Jazz 88 FM"Switching to The Databank was the best decision we could have made. We now have powerful fundraising tools that are actually easy to use." - Ted Allison, Jazz88FM
safety and justice"Our Databank is probably the most important infrastructure of our organization. We use it to activate, inform, involve, fundraise and track activity of our members. It's key to our success." - Lindy Walsh, Partnership for Safety and Justice
90.9 WDCB"One of the things I love the most about thedatabank is that the online database and the offline database are one. I just can't fathom why anyone accepts having to download from off-line to on-line for an eBlast, and then back to the off-line to update it." - Ken Scott, WDCB Public Radio