Robust Nonprofit CRM Software + AI.

The Databank is a nonprofit CRM built for you. Your organization’s needs are unique, and your Databank CRM will be configured to meet your specific needs to help you create more impact.

We offer custom-configured CRM and Communication systems for nonprofits and government organizations, with integrated AI features.

Our Solutions

Focus on What Matters

What are your challenges? Let’s configure a solution specific to you. Together, we’ll create efficiencies, increase your stakeholder engagement, and build your capacity, leading to greater mission accomplishment.

Streamline Your Mission
Simplify operations and amplify your impact with our intuitive CRM solutions.
Customizable Solutions
Tailor our CRM to perfectly fit your nonprofit’s unique needs.
Drive Operational Efficiency
Optimize resource allocation and streamline operational processes.

Client Stories

The Databank has been used by thousands of organizations across the country. Below are a few ways that the Databank has helped clients focus on what matters most.


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