Last week, Karen Graham and I attended a webinar hosted by The Target Marketing Group about managing web content in the “Post-PC Era”.

During the webinar, they shared valuable information that applies to any business or nonprofit who wants their website to be accessible to as many people as possible. Think of how much of your internet browsing happens on a smart phone or tablet computer compared to just a few years ago. For most people, it’s a pretty significant increase. That is why it’s more important than ever to make sure your website is Post-PC Era ready – in other words, mobile friendly.

One striking statistic from the presentation: A one second page delay on mobile devices = 7% reduction in conversion. That could be anything from making a purchase or donation to sharing an article to signing up for more information.

Here are some ways they suggested to keep your web site content mobile friendly:

1. Keep the width narrow and use thumb-sized buttons.

2. Keep the content concise including the number of form fields.

3. Navigation should be vertical and the Home button should be easily accessible.

4. Use WURFL, a database of specs for mobile devices, to help match web design templates to the device.

Additional resources:

Mobile First by Luke Wroblewski (@lukew) – An internationally recognized digital product leader