Washington Conservation VotersRoses are red, violets are blue, why is the environment important to you? This is the question that Washington Conservation Voters asked children ages 6-12 for their Earth Day Poetry Contest.

In addition to using word of mouth to get the word out, they sent a PowerMail from their Databank this spring asking teachers and other adults to collect and submit poems from young environmentalists. The winning poem, chosen by the Washington Conservation Voters staff, was featured on the cover of their 2007-2008 Legislative Scorecard. The second place poem was featured on the back cover and the third place poem was featured inside the scorecard.

The overall response to the contest was great – 50 poems were entered! Each poem was unique and inspiring, but in the end only one could be chosen for the cover. The first place poem was written by a 10 year old girl from Seattle :

Take Care of the Earth

No matter where you stand.

Under the sea.

Or on the land.

We have to work together

to keep our Earth clean.

This Earth is ours,

So treat it as your friend.

Make sure you help to keep it fine

Until it sparkles and shines.

Because the Earth is yours and mine.

According to Sudha Nandagopal, Communications Manager at Washington Conservation Voters, “The Databank helped by getting the word out broadly to our list – most importantly it helped us showcase our work to engage people of all ages in the work.”

See Washington Conservation Voters full 2007-2008 Scorecard

For more information on Washington Conservation Voters, visit wcvoters.org

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