Many of you probably saw the headlines on August 6 that the World Wide Web had turned 20 years old. The Web has been part of a great deal of change in those 20 years. It’s even helped affect regime change in countries. There’s a generation of young people that have never lived in a non-Web world. One can only imagine what the next 20 years will bring as these young people come of age and make their mark. One thing that seems to be true is that change is happening at an ever faster pace.

While the Web just turned 20 years old, thedatabank will celebrate its 14th birthday this November. Even though 14 may not seem old, when compared to the age of the Web, we’re one of the old-timers when it comes to web fundraising software. In fact, we are the oldest.

So what have we learned in those 14 years? Well quite a lot, certainly enough to know that we don’t have all of the answers, but we mostly know where to try and find the answers. We also know that in this rapidly changing world one cannot stop learning and growing or it will quickly pass you by – which is why we decided to launch our Technology for Change blog.

We hope this blog will be a place to learn about technology, nonprofits, fundraising, advocacy, civic engagement and a slew of other things that we’ve learned in the last 14 year. We’ll have regular contributors from folks here at thedatabank and guest contributors from the world of nonprofits and technology. More importantly, we want to hear from you.

Let the conversation begin!

Ever Onward –

Chris Hanson
The Fortunate Technologist & thedatabank CEO