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Any nonprofit organization can order Data Cleansing & Append services from thedatabank, gbc – they do not need to be a current client using our Databank CRM. Databank clients: please order your data services from the Setup menu in your Databank.

Data services offered:

There are many different types of data services that you can use to clean up various aspects of your member information. Below is a list of the options that we offer. Find which service(s) from thedatabank, gbc are best for your organization’s needs:

National Change of Address (NCOA)

The NCOA (National Change of Address) service checks your constituents’ existing addresses against the US Postal Service database of all change-of-address requests in the preceding 48 months. Updated fields include new address, change of address date, and deliverability code. The US Postal Service requires addresses be NCOA processed within the past 90 days in order to qualify for postal discounts.

Address Verification (CASS Certification)

Address Verification keeps your data standardized and conforms to postal code preferences. The tool will automatically suggest prompts as the address is being typed and automatically populate zip codes according to the address presented.

Legislative District Geographic Appends

District Service Append verifies each address, then appends a county, US congressional district, and state legislative districts (Senate and House/Assembly) to all verified addresses. We append the new political districts and send the file back to you by email. Your credit card is billed upon completion of the job.

Email Append and Email Verification

Email Appends, appends consumer email address to all matched records and sends a permission request, opt-out email to all matched email addresses. You receive back all matched, verified, non-opt-out email addresses. Typical match rates are 20-30%. Estimated costs are based on a 25% match rate. NOTE: All records to be matched must contain a first name, last name, address, and zip code.

Email Verification checks whether email addresses are deliverable or not based on connecting to their mail server as well as matching them to a database of email address. Email addresses that were previously thought to be undeliverable may now be deliverable due to a full mailbox being emptied, an inactive/unpaid account being reactivated/paid, server technical problems may have been fixed, etc.

Reverse Email Append

Appends consumer mailing address to all matched records. You receive back all matched, verified, mailing addresses. Typical match rates are 20%-30%. Estimated costs are based on a 25% match rate. NOTE: All records to be matched must contain an email address.

Phone Append

Appends residential phone numbers for all matched records in your list based on name and address. Match rates for organizations exempt from National Do-Not-Call requirements typically are 25-50%.

Reverse Phone Append

Appends residential addresses for all matched records in your list based on phone number.

Create walk lists or maps (Geographic Data)

Verifies each address, then appends longitude, latitude, and Census FIPS, tract and block codes to all verified addresses.

Profile+ (Add demographic and interest data)

(Add demographic and interest data) – Profile+ is a data service that gives you access to valuable information about your supporters, like household income, education, purchasing habits, and more. Up to a dozen biographical and 23 interest categories. This information will help you to better target your list for fundraising appeals and other types of support, by giving you a clear picture of your supporters’ demographics and interests.

Social Profile Append (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube and more)

Running a Social Profile Append opens the door to valuable data that you’ve never had access to before, such as finding who your social influencers are within your member base. With this information, you can create targeted campaigns to your members on the channels that they are most engaged with and use the results as search, selection and targeting criteria for direct fundraising and marketing campaigns. You can also use LinkedIn profile results for donor research.

Why are data services important?

Your member information can quickly become out of date, and regularly running data services gives you up-to-date information on your members.

Benefits of list enhancement and list cleansing:

  • Enhance your relationship management database.
  • Build stronger relationships, and raise more money through increased knowledge of supporters.
  • Save money by qualifying for bulk mail rates (USPS now requires nonprofits to do NCOA).
  • Strategic fundraising: Identify potential major donors using census data.

Data Services Price Chart

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