Email deliverability is a big concern for my nonprofit software clients. Recently, I read a new article from Idealware on deliverability, which did a nice job of clearing the fog around this topic.

Understanding and Improving Email Deliverability

Neither “snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night” might stay the U.S. Post Office’s couriers from delivering the mail entrusted to them, but it’s a cold fact of the digital world that email has no such steadfast guardians. Some electronic mail will simply never reach its destination—it might go to a bad address, get caught in a spam filter, or routed to a “junk” folder where it’s deleted or overlooked. This can be frustrating for nonprofits who work hard to nurture a list of email addresses.

There are ways to increase your delivery rates when sending out mass mailings, however…(full article)

Key Take-Aways

  1. Don’t send spam. Send valuable content, and follow good opt-in and subscription management practices.
  2. Choose a reliable bulk email tool with a good reputation.
  3. Optimize your messages by using friendly templates, testing, and avoiding spam trigger words.

More Resources

Tips to Avoid Spam Filters (For Your Opt-In Messages) [PDF] – more detail on how automatic spam filters work and how to avoid their hungry maws.

Creating a PowerMail Template – see how easy and flexible email templates are in the Databank, in this how-to article on our Support Center.