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Are you sure you want to send out that newsletter?

The second Tuesday of the month rolls around, and like clockwork, nonprofits across the country hit Publish on their monthly enewsletter. For better or for worse, because this is simply how it’s done – the second Tuesday of every month, they hit Publish. What if, just this once, you didn’t hit Publish? This month, I… Read more

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Hey, you got strategic technology in my organizational capacity!

By Chris Hanson, Co-founder and CEO of thedatabank, gbc It’s likely most of you reading this are too young to remember the classic Reese’s commercial from the 1980s about the accidental merging of peanut butter and chocolate. The premise behind this is that sometimes when you merge two things together, the result is something greater… Read more

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Nonprofit and unproductive? Work smarter with these 3 tips.

Nonprofit professionals are a hard-charging bunch. It didn’t take me long in my first nonprofit job to figure out that most of them are overworked and underpaid. Motivated by dedication to their organization’s mission, many seem to accept being perpetually in over their head as just part of the territory. A common side effect to… Read more

benefits of cloud telephony for nonprofit advocacy

The Benefits of Cloud Telephony in Nonprofit Advocacy

Guest blog by Tony Kokkad. Tony helps people learn about CallHub, which is bridging the communication gap for political campaigns, nonprofits and advocacy groups across the world through its Voice and SMS cloud based services. The 2016 Australian federal elections saw volunteers from advocacy organization GetUp have 45,000 phone conversations with swing voters across the… Read more

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With so much going on, how can you find the time to be more “data driven”?

Guest post by Zach Shefska. Zach is a college dropout, entrepreneur, and data analytics nerd. As Director of the Fundraising Report Card, he helps nonprofits harness the power of their data to better carry out their missions. As a development professional, it’s safe to say you have a lot on your plate. Coordinating appeals, engaging… Read more