Mark Paquette

An exciting new initiative aims to help nonprofits

There is an exciting new initiative happening in the big data world that is aiming to help nonprofits have easier access to their data across various systems. thedatabank’s Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder, Mark Paquette, is here to break down what this new initiative is and what it means for thedatabank and nonprofit organizations. What… Read more

Redundancy and decoupling

Last week in the mid-morning, in a darkened office, thedatabank staff were standing around wondering what to do. The building’s power had gone out a half hour earlier, and the building manager didn’t know why or when it would be restored. Should we wait in the office or go home? Semaphores were dead in the… Read more

Cloud nine

Last month, thedatabank signed a new three-year agreement with SunGard Availability Services to use their Enterprise Cloud Services platform to deliver our products. Instead of buying servers and installing them in our Saint Paul data center, a process that typically takes three to four months from purchase to production, thedatabank will run on virtualized equipment… Read more

Punching Goliath in the face

My memories of world-changing events have a cinematic quality to them, I can play them back and examine them almost frame by frame. I remember Sister Loretto’s voice broadcasting the news from the speaker in my first-grade classroom that President Kennedy had been shot, and that all students must kneel beside our desks and pray… Read more

I can’t predict a revolution, but I know one when I see one

I am a committed bike commuter, riding the 12-mile round trip to the office whenever the weather permits.  It’s a great way to get the juices flowing at the start of a day, and to unwind at the end.  The best part of my ride to work is a six-block downhill segment that lets me… Read more