Advocacy Tips & Resources

A deep dive into advocacy: Q&A session with Iowa Environmental Council

Recently, at thedatabank we’ve been trying to focus on informing advocacy-based organizations about the importance of having a designated advocacy system that is both robust and integrated. To dive a little deeper into this topic, I’ve invited Matt Hauge of Iowa Environmental Council to talk about how their organization has used an advocacy platform to… Read more

Why use an advocacy system when I already have a bulk email provider?

There are many nonprofits that view advocacy systems and communication systems as similar, or even as the same thing. Many don’t understand the advanced capabilities provided by advocacy systems, and the differences between communication and advocacy systems. So what are these “advocacy systems,” and how are they different than your cherished bulk email system? Bulk… Read more

How to get the most from your next conference experience

It’s hard to believe NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference has already come and gone. This was my second year in attending NTC, and I think I walked away with even better information that last year – and there are a few big reasons why. Here are some of my takeaways on how to have a fruitful… Read more

From shared purpose to shared action: An action alert checklist

The image to the right represents how a shared purpose can be powerful. An action alert is a great way to motivate your supporters with a shared purpose into taking action and creating change in ways that might otherwise be impossible. Sometimes all that it takes to get the movement started is an email. The… Read more

Three must-have skills to be a good leader

Post by Marketing Intern Hugo Narumiya As an international student at the University of Minnesota, I have had many opportunities to be immersed in meaningful learning experiences. Just a few from my list are: completing my internship in a small business focused on helping nonprofits through technology, taking leadership development courses, participating in leadership workshops… Read more