Bridget has been on staff since 2006. Throughout the years she has helped hundreds of nonprofits discover the Databank. Bridget has been involved with all aspects of new customer relations including Databank training and support, client care and now managing new opportunities and sales.

Prior to working at thedatabank, gbc Bridget operated her own small business, served on the board of her local PTA and worked on staff with several nonprofits in Minnesota and Oregon.

Bridget grew up in Minnesota and graduated with a double major from St. Olaf College. She enjoys being with family and friends, loves dogs and disco music and has a house full of unfinished crafts.

Get to know Bridget a little better:

Why is working at a social impact-based company important to you?

It’s important for me to work at a social impact-based company because everybody wins! Employees are taken care of – which allows us to support our family. And we have our clients’ best interest in mind and that in turn supports the community.

If time travel were possible, where would you go and why?

I would go back in time when my mom was still alive and spend a long, long time with her in the Philippines learning her native language and our family history.

How do I spend my free time, when I have it?

Going for long walks, cleaning or starting a new craft and adding it to the pile.

What’s on your playlist while you’re at work?

White noise or static. Sorry, if I listened to disco – I would have to dance, and nothing would get done!