kierra-mickelsonKierra is a recent graduate from the University of Minnesota, where she studied Business Marketing with a minor in Retail Merchandising. Kierra enjoys giving back to her community by working with women of color and other underrepresented groups through various volunteer activities. Kierra’s ultimate goal in life is to help create a society that is more inclusive and equitable for all.

Get to know Kierra a little better:

Why is working at a social impact-based company important to you?

Working at a social impact company is important to me because it allows to combine my skills, ethics and passions. Since I was very young it was instilled in me to always leave things better then I found them. I have carried that with me in every aspect of my life, which is why it’s important for me to work somewhere that contributes to the greater good of society.

If time travel were possible, where would you go and why?

I would travel back in time to 1920’s Harlem. I love the strong sense of community and the quality of social justice action being taken.

What’s on your playlist while you’re at work?

Beyonce…all day.

What does your perfect Saturday morning look like?

One the perfect Saturday morning I would grab Chi Latte at Golden Thyme Coffee Shop and then cuddle up and read a really great book