thedatabank, gbc’s Client Referral Program

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Over the years, many of our clients have told their friends and peers about how our company is different and how much they love using our Databank product. We have always enjoyed showing our appreciation to our happy clients who spread the word to their peers about us and our product by rewarding their sharing through our referral program. Now, we’re launching an even better referral program to say Thank You in a more meaningful way than ever before.

By letting a friend or peer know about your experiences with thedatabank, gbc and our Databank product, you can qualify for some great referral rewards for yourself and your organization.

What do you get for referring someone?

Thank You reward for the individual:
Sending us a new qualified lead referral will result in the individual (you) receiving a Thank You reward in the form of a gift card or a gift basket, depending on availability. Past rewards have included chocolates, coffee sets, amazon gift cards, and more.

Thank You reward for the organization:
If the qualified lead you referred becomes a Databank client, your organization will receive one of two referral rewards:

  1. New Databank clients from referral leads will result in a 10% discount (up to $100/mo. maximum per referred client) on your organization’s monthly Databank subscription fees for a period of 1 year from the time the referred client signs their Databank agreement.
    • The 10% discount ($100/mo. maximum per referred client) will begin the first month following the signing of the referred client’s agreement.
    • Organizations can have referral benefit discounts accumulate up to the total value of their monthly subscription charges. That’s the limit – referral rewards cannot exceed a client’s monthly Databank subscription charge.

Your organization’s monthly invoices will show referral reward discounts. Discounts can only go toward a client’s monthly subscription cost – it cannot be used for additional charges such as data service appends.

How it works

There are two ways that you can qualify for a referral reward:

  1. You provide us with information about the potential prospect. Information for each organization you’re referring to thedatabank should include:
      • full contact name
      • organization name
      • phone number
      • email address

    You can fill out this form or send the above information to Please make sure the individual knows you gave us their information for follow-up.

  2. Have your referral contact thedatabank directly. They can fill out an inquiry form and let us know that they heard about us through you, or they can contact us directly by emailing or calling 1-877-603-0296 (toll free) or 612-455-2255.

Once we have your referral’s information, we will check to make sure they are a “qualified lead”. A qualified lead, as defined by thedatabank, gbc, is someone who:

  • we haven’t had a sales conversation with in the past 12 months
  • agrees to spend time talking with our sales staff to complete a needs assessment

After those two requirements have been met, you will be sent a thank you referral reward in the mail, and your organization will be notified if/when the qualified lead becomes a Databank client and when your organization will begin receiving the referral reward discount on your invoices.

Participation is easy! You can get started right now – just tell your peers about thedatabank.

Note: Participation in this program is strictly voluntary. Terms and conditions of the Client Referral Program are subject to change without notice.