Brad joined thedatabank, gbc in Fall 2017 and comes with years of experience selling business software for Oracle and managing sales teams there. He was attracted to thedatabank in large part by its mission: To create positive social change through technology.

Hailing from Iowa, Brad took his undergraduate degree from the University of Iowa. He also has a masters degree in public policy from Georgetown University and once upon a time spent nearly four years living and working in Guatemala as part of the Peace Corps. (All of which added up to a career in sales.)

Brad enjoys a peaceful, happy life in St. Paul, where he resides with his wife and their two dogs. Say the word travel, however, and he is ready to go.

Get to know Brad a little better:

Why is working at a social impact-based company important to you?

Because the buck stops with me. And because at a certain point, naively hoping that “someone else” will sign up to do the work that needs doing in this world feels like a free ride. In the words of Bruce Springsteen, nobody rides for free. (Or, at least we shouldn’t.)

If time travel were possible, where would you go and why?

Back in time. Back to Guatemala and my Peace Corps days there. Man, those were good times!

How do you spend your free time – when you have it?

Whenever possible, travel! U.S., internationally, time. . . it’s all good.

What does your perfect Saturday morning look like?

Coffee (lots of it) with my wife, coupled with a decent sports page and the time to pore over it thoroughly, all rounded out by dogs who are patient enough to rest calmly until ‘walk time.’ Good dogs!