Hayley Drake

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5 Giving Trends Fundraisers Should Know About

As we enter the homestretch of 2016, many nonprofits are preparing their year-end campaign or planning for the next year’s fundraising strategy. There is a plethora of data available about giving trends and statistics across the country that can be applied to make sure you’re getting the most out of your fundraising and marketing efforts… Read more

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Three options for managing data between your CRM and accounting system

When working with prospective clients, I am frequently asked what accounting or financial features our CRM (Constituent Relationship Management) software provides. It is understandable that an organization would want to consolidate as many systems as possible, especially when nonprofits are continuously asked to do more with less. It is important to understand, however, that a… Read more

Preparing a Cost Analysis for your CRM search

You wouldn’t buy a new car without knowing what you can afford, right? So why would you purchase a new Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) database system without doing the same? Maybe you are so frustrated with your current system that you are eager to see what all is out there. Perhaps you have been tasked… Read more