William Naylor

plate of green beans and a clove of garlic

Keeping a Clean Plate

Cold, limp, green beans. I love green beans but for some reason I always end up in the same spot: dinner is winding down and I’m staring at those cold limp green beans with a full stomach. My conscience chimes in, I narrow my eyes, steel myself, and eat those green beans. I feel the… Read more

a person in silhouette with a question mark

Communication Strategies For Your Next CRM Implementation

It’s 4:30 PM and you are sitting at your desk when your phone buzzes. You’ve received a message from a loving spouse or a good friend which makes your eyes narrow and your lips purse in annoyance: “What do you want to do for dinner?” After you’ve calmed yourself, you come up with the clever… Read more

A lesson from Obama’s online fundraising team

The word optimization is creeping more and more into my everyday vocabulary – to the point where I now refer to those items at the back of my fridge as sub-optimal. In Fundraising, optimization is not just bluster and buzz though. It’s creating real results and deserves to occupy some of your thought. The details… Read more

Are these really best practices for email subject lines?

The Almighty Open Rate All nonprofits need and want to communicate with their supporters, but when it comes to email, there is one thing standing in your way – the inbox. In the world of email statistics, we all worship at the altar of the open rate. While open rate isn’t completely indicative of overall… Read more

Fundraising statistics and your database

Love them or fear them, the story of your Fundraising Program comes down to the numbers. As a Fundraiser, there’s increasing pressure to tell that story, not only internally, but also to be transparent to your stakeholders. Not surprisingly, a good deal of what is useful in your Fundraising Stats is dependent on how you… Read more