Bridget Kelly

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10 years of adventures at thedatabank: A reflection by Solution Strategist Bridget Kelly

10 years ago I came on board at thedatabank as a temporary independent contractor to fill in while the one-person Sales and Marketing department was on maternity leave. There were only 6 other employees here, mainly focused on the technical side of things – so it was sink or swim for me! I learned how… Read more


Inexpensive ways to optimize your year end fundraising campaigns – Offline & Online Part 2

Yesterday, we covered eight tips to optimize your offline fundraising campaigns. Today, we’ll cover online giving. As a reminder, online giving in this context covers email campaigns and giving opportunities on your website. Let’s dive in! Ten ways to optimize online campaigns The rule here is the same; the first hurdle in any appeal is getting someone to… Read more


Inexpensive ways to optimize your year-end fundraising campaigns – Offline & Online Part 1

As year-end giving is quickly approaching, I wanted to offer a few tips for inexpensive ways for you to best optimize your year-end fundraising campaigns to max the most of this giving season. I’ve broken it into two blog posts – offline mailing campaigns and online mailing campaigns (view part 2 here). For the sake… Read more

Don’t overlook Data Migration when calculating the Total Cost of a new CRM

Surprise, fear, distrust, groans and dead silence are just some of the reactions I get from database shoppers when I ask them to send in their data for a Data Analysis. It catches people off guard, I guess – because not all vendors require a Data Analysis in order to write an estimate for migrating your… Read more

Purchasing a new database? How to prep for your data move in five easy steps

One inevitable aspect of purchasing a new database is moving all of your existing data into your new system. Moving your data into a new database system is just like packing up and moving into a new house – only better. No sore back, no broken stuff, no begging your friends for help or having… Read more