Databank Interns

Three must-have skills to be a good leader

Post by Marketing Intern Hugo Narumiya As an international student at the University of Minnesota, I have had many opportunities to be immersed in meaningful learning experiences. Just a few from my list are: completing my internship in a small business focused on helping nonprofits through technology, taking leadership development courses, participating in leadership workshops… Read more

Working with cross-sector leadership

The Technology for Change blog is happy to announce our new contributor, Hugo Narumiya. Hugo started as a marketing intern in February, and will write blog posts occasionally during his internship. Since I came to the thedatabank as a marketing intern, I am learning everyday from our team members about the dynamics of how the… Read more

How would you wash a dirty dish?

The Technology for Change blog is happy to announce our new contributor, Adil Imani. Adil started as the tech intern in January. Breaking out of the Mac Bubble I was determined to avoid the “Mac Bubble” in my last semester at Macalester. “Mac Bubble” refers to a term developed by students at Macalester College which… Read more

It’s about ‘you,’ not about ‘me’ – Writing appeals that aren’t self-centered

Post by Marketing Intern Alex Basalo There’s no doubt about it: your organization does some pretty amazing things. You and your team work hard to make a difference in what you do. When writing appeals to your supporters, it’s natural to want to remind them of all the great work you’ve done. However, what you… Read more

Keeping volunteers – A guide to retention

Post by Marketing Intern Alex Basalo This summer, I got the opportunity to volunteer with various political campaigns and organizations. It was a great opportunity to support causes that matter to me – but I’ll be honest, I didn’t meet every obligation. Volunteering is something people generally enjoy and take pride in doing, but includes… Read more