Paula Luxenberg

8 reasons your nonprofit can’t excel with ‘Excel’

At first glance, Excel seems like the perfect solution for a resource-constrained nonprofit that needs a way to track supporters and donations. But looks can be deceiving, and what appears to be a free and easy option is actually going to cost your organization a fortune. What are the hidden costs of Excel? Here are… Read more

Fighting for a historic cause – A volunteer’s analysis

Last week, Minnesota made history as the first state to vote down a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. All 31 states where the issue had previously been put to a popular vote had elected to enshrine discrimination in their state constitutions. I wasn’t in the upper echelons of planning or strategy for Minnesotans United for… Read more

Applying lessons from dating to your search for a nonprofit fundraising CRM

Too often when researching fundraising software, we get caught up in the technical features and forget to step back and examine the companies behind the technology. There are real people at those companies, and ultimately that is who you are entering into a relationship with. It’s wise to evaluate the potential providers of your nonprofit’s… Read more