Marcos Lopez-Carlson

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Designing accessible email for all

Creating inclusive messaging is an important and worthwhile task, and many of us will spend the time and effort to ensure that the content of our message is welcoming and inclusive. But is the same amount of thought and consideration being spent ensuring that the delivery of the message is inclusive as well? Over 56… Read more

Five steps to crafting accessible email

Email is a silly, silly beast. Web based design doesn’t work as expected, tables rule the day, and modern CSS is almost unheard of. Add to this the fact that every email client renders email differently, I dare you to try and make an email look exactly the same in Gmail and Outlook. But while… Read more

Finding Statistical Significance in A/B Testing

Getting results A/B testing A/B testing is marketing speak for running a controlled experiment on email. What you are doing is trying to find a way to communicate most effectively to achieve a desired result. When performing an A/B test, the first step is to generate a hypothesis. This is a test after all, and… Read more

All emails are not the same. So why are you treating them that way?

Your email list has a problem: Every day, people are disappearing from it. Through changing email addresses and unsubscribes your list is always getting smaller. Like a leaky bucket with a persistent drip, it is always emptying out. In email marketing circles, this is known as churn. So what do you do with a leaky… Read more