Adam Oien

Question your inquisitive process

Chances are you have your favorite community in which to ask questions. You are asking questions, right!? Maybe you follow a particular blog (this one?) and ask questions in the comments, or maybe you are a part of a couple online forums, or maybe your favorite community to ask questions in is your neighbor’s cubicle… Read more

You don’t know, what you don’t know

Last weekend I attend the SQL Saturday #149 Conference in Minneapolis. It was a great chance to get my feet wet in lots of technologies related to SQL Server. If you do not care about the intricacies of SQL Server, you’re in luck because that’s as technical as the rest of this post will get… Read more

Your time is being undervalued

One of my favorite things to do is to read from the inspirational postings of a blog I found early this year, Mr. Money Moustache. He’s a personal finance blogger whose goal is to educate and start a societal shift in how we all spend our money and our time. Oh, and to pump people… Read more

Using the tools you have

I’ve always had a mind for data and statistics, so I’m very interested in the benchmark reports that come out for the nonprofit sector. A co-worker and I even presented our own benchmark findings for Minnesota based organizations [PDF] at the 2011 Minnesota Council of Nonprofits Annual conference. (We also found that databank clients have equal… Read more

How to benchmark yourself

In preparation for my upcoming breakout session at the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits Annual Conference, I’ve put a lot of thought into benchmarking. A lot of my work on the session has been focused on obtaining a deeper understanding of benchmarks for MN, and how MN based organizations can use that knowledge to improve their… Read more