Antonia Kurtz

Why use an advocacy system when I already have a bulk email provider?

There are many nonprofits that view advocacy systems and communication systems as similar, or even as the same thing. Many don’t understand the advanced capabilities provided by advocacy systems, and the differences between communication and advocacy systems. So what are these “advocacy systems,” and how are they different than your cherished bulk email system? Bulk… Read more

Horror movies & choosing a CRM for your nonprofit: Seven things they have in common

Old, new, vampires, zombies, jumpy, gruesome – as a horror movie connoisseur, I have seen it all. Although hopefully less gory, shopping for a CRM has a surprising amount in common with my favorite movie genre; maybe that’s why I love walking nonprofits through the process of choosing a CRM.Observe the advice below to escape… Read more

Get LinkedIn to your network

If your nonprofit has been ignoring LinkedIn, it’s time to reassess your social media priorities. Some view LinkedIn as a virtual corkboard to post a resume on and be ignored. However, your nonprofit having a LinkedIn page might be more important than you think. A recent study has shown LinkedIn to be the most popular… Read more

Why you shouldn’t be spooked by your CRM

When the leaves start changing, and the air gets cooler, many nonprofits return to dealing with their data. However, many also put this off because they are overwhelmed by the prospect of operating technology that they don’t fully understand. But don’t be scared of your CRM! It’s integral to overcome the fear of not understanding… Read more

Six tips for building an online community for your nonprofit

Successful nonprofit social media is all about dialogue. One of the aspects of nonprofit work that is so special is the drive to serve its constituents, as well as the need for its constituents support. Your organization’s relationship with the public is a two-way street – shouldn’t that translate to your social media as well… Read more