This year, thedatabank turns 20, and we’re celebrating by sharing some of the best capacity building strategies we’ve learned over the years.

Join us for the 2018 Impact Series featuring guest experts, success stories, and tips for solving some of your organization’s biggest challenges.

Session One:

Building Organizational Capacity for Greater Impact, with thedatabank co-founder & CEO Chris Hanson, Ph.D.

This session provides a brief overview of the theory behind organizational capacity. We break down organizational capacities into functional areas (dimensions) within the organization and look at those dimensions from the following perspectives:

  • How to assess your organization’s levels of capacity.
  • How to strategically tie dimensions of capacity to your organization’s mission, vision and goals.
  • How to leverage technology to help you understand and build capacities to enable your organization to create greater impact relative to your mission.
  • How to report to stakeholders the impact of their capacity building efforts.

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Session Two:

Impact Amplification Through Collaboration, with thedatabank co-founder and CEO Chris Hanson, Ph.D. and Collectivity co-founder and CEO Scott Cole

This session is designed for the practicing novice to intermediate nonprofit leader in terms of proficiency with the art and science of organizing, working, and leading within a true collaborative framework. We distinguish the key pillars of effective collaboration, as well as the advances that have been made in best practices as the field has evolved and grown.

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